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From a refresh and additions to complete remodels, new construction, and everything between, we understand that the needs and tastes of every individual are unique. Our tiered services are designed to meet your degree of involvement, investment, and interests. We collaborate with you to establish realistic goals and expectations that match the level of your design service, project, and investment to bring your design dream to life. We believe you deserve to feel incredible in a space that is all your own and meets your unique needs, goals, and style.


Create a space that functions exactly how you want it to.


Give your space the look and feel you always wanted.

Choose Your Service

Design, Styling, or Both

Tina designs and styles for the most dramatic transformations to show what is possible for
elevating how the spaces function and look. New construction and remodeling projects often include design and styling to help ensure every aspect of the spaces are bespoke to you.

To design, Tina evaluates the floor plan and interior architectural elements to provide solutions that fit your lifestyle in a plan developed to improve how the space functions.

To style, Tina creates a furniture layout and updated look to elevate the space-complete with furnishings, lighting, and décor to highlight the existing floor plan and architectural elements.

 Choose Your Investment

Remodels & Renovations

Turn-key solutions are for anyone who wants it all—the vision, the plan, and the workforce taken care of, from start to finish. Prices are provided in the written proposal.

Concept Design

If you want a design vision with a designer’s touch and are willing to put in the time, sweat and muscle yourself to create a designer-inspired space, this is for you.


For people who want to do it all themselves but still have the help of an interior design professional, we provide guidance on what does or does not work for your desired look.

Choose Your Project Type

A well-orchestrated plan is the art of turning an idea into reality.

Whether you know what you want, have a vague idea, or just know it’s time to update, we can help! Shift Interior Design is here to help guide you through the process, so if you need us to hold your hand or walk by your side, we are here to listen, understand, and high-five you along the way!

Whole Home

Whole-home projects are available when you are ready to create your dream home! We develop solutions based on your lifestyle and needs and elevate each space to its full potential. Whether it’s a refresh, remodel, or new construction, we design beautiful and functional homes that reflect your personal style.

Kitchens & Bath

We evaluate your storage, aesthetic and functional needs to develop a plan that will transform your kitchen and bath. We create beautiful and functional kitchens and bathrooms for remodels and new construction.

Interior Styling

We style a single space or entire home to create a fresh new look for you.

Personal Shopping

Do you know what you want or need but would still like professional input and extra assistance with your design idea? We guide you on which items match your design goals and meet the quality and comfort requirements you have before investing in a shopping trip. Whether you’re hosting a special event, throwing a party, or redecorating, we can shop for you or with you!


Making selections can be overwhelming, particularly when you are unsure what items go together. Choosing interior finishes, furniture, lighting, and décor is our forte!

We help take the guesswork out of the decision-making process when deciding which selections work well in your space and meet your design goals. We provide a list for you to purchase the chosen items when it works for you, or we can handle it all for you!

Space Planning

We transform the layout of spaces, furniture, or both to reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. We work with you to develop a plan that improves how your space functions. Organizing the spaces efficiently with proper furniture size and placement will help improve the overall flow and feel.

3D Renderings

We create photo-like renderings of what the final space would look like at completion. This helps provide a clear vision of the concept, including the colors, furnishings, lighting, materials, finishes, and accessories that may be used and how the final space will function and look.


We create scaled interior floor plans and elevations for the spaces included in a project. These 2D drawings help clarify the parameters for the approved design by providing details and interior specifications. They help by referencing the recommended finishes, materials, fixtures, and furniture that can be used to bring the design to life.