Tina Marie seeks to set the tone for our living standards by elevating homes and businesses to live beautifully and enhance our quality of life. When you collaborate with Shift Interior Design, you get a client-centric approach complete with the heart, soul, and grit brought to each project.

At Shift, interior design is more than making a space beautiful; it is the intimate details of our lives. It is that sigh when you come home after a long day, the excitement of sitting down to watch a movie, or the joy when it’s time to celebrate!

For Tina, interior design is in the details that matter to you! We are here to help create your definition of happiness and a warm hug. Whether it is an incredible piece you found on a trip, a family heirloom, or a one-of-a-kind item, there is nothing better than your spaces evoking your favorite memories!

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Michigan Home Design

Kitchen & Basement Interior Remodel

The Statement House

Blueberry Dream

The Designer’s Home

Crimson & Cream

Goehler South Kitchen

In Progress

Bubble Home 

Ski Lodge 

L’Art Cafe