About Shift 


Who We Are

Shift Interior Design was established to serve our clients with integrity through collaboration fueled by creative freedom and trust. Shift is more than our name; it is our philosophy, mindset, and muse.

We are firm believers that transforming our lives is as simple as pivoting our mindset with one word, shift.

We are a full-service interior design studio offering turn-key solutions, design concepts, and consultation services for new construction, remodels, and additions for your homes and businesses. We work individually or as part of a design team with homeowners, contractors, builders, and architects.

Our designs can provide a unified and curated designer look with a clear vision in a written plan. So, whether you execute the project yourself or hire us, each design is developed to embrace your definition of beauty and sophistication without sacrificing comfort and quality. We design to transform your standard of living for livable beauty, not for the latest trends.

We will come to you, locally or across the country!

What We Do

Interior design is personal for our clients because it represents the intimate details of their lives. Therefore, we pour our hearts and souls into each project as though it were our own because clients are like family. We care about our clients and want them to feel incredible by helping to elevate their lives through interior design.


We design to transform your standard of living, striking a balance between soulful, Haute, inspired, functional, and tailored. We seek to elevate your standard of living to create livable beauty without sacrificing quality and comfort. Shift is more than our name; it is our philosophy, mindset, and muse. Do you want your spaces to function as beautifully as they look? We do! We believe successful interior design is about how well your spaces work, look and feel.

What Clients Are Saying


"I love the countertops...thank you so much for my beautiful kitchen."

— Jerri

What Is Lifestyle Interior Design?

  • Do you want your spaces to feel incredible?
  • Do you want your spaces to meet your needs?
  • Do you want your spaces to showcase your style?
  • Do you want your spaces to showcase who you are and your way of life?
  • Do you want your spaces to represent your passions, goals, needs, and dreams?

Lifestyle interior design is the freedom to create spaces that align with your way of life. It captures the intimacy of your life through color, texture, pattern, and form inspired by architecture, art, and human behavior. Lifestyle interior design is more than design and decor — it reflects your purpose, values, dreams, and passions as functional art. 

You deserve to feel comfortable and free – to be yourself in a space all your own. Through a collaborative and client-centric approach, we produce interiors that are meant to be lived in, experienced, and enjoyed. We work with you to create your dream design so that you never want to leave and your friends and family always want to come over.

That’s who we are – now we want to get to know you! We will strive to learn your unique style of communicating and living so we can speak your language!